Applicant Number 申請人編號 EV0683
Date of birth 出生日期 1992
Age 年齡 31
Nationality 國藉 FILIPINO 菲律賓
Marital status 婚姻狀況 SINGLE 單身
Religion 宗教 CATHOLIC 天主教
Height 身高 52 cm
Weight 體重 57 kg
Chinese Horoscpoe 生肖 Monkey
Name of Father 父親姓名 Age 71
Name of Mother 母親姓名 Age 57
Name of Husband 丈夫姓名 Age NA
No of Children 子女數目 Age
No of Brother 兄弟數目 4 Age 36,30,27,15
No of Sister 姐妹數目 4 Age 44,41,38,23
High School SAN VICENTE INTEGRATED SCHOOL 2008-2009 College/University Subject NONE
Other Training NOE
能操英語/Spoken English 能操廣東語/Spoken Cantonese 能操華語/Spoken Mandarin
Employer Name 僱主名稱   Country 國家 DOHA, QATAR
Duration 工作時間 2021-09 - 2023-10   Salary 薪金 1500 QAR
No.of Adults 2    Age 35,37 YRS OLD    No.of New born    Age
No.of Elderly    Age    No.of Children 1    Age 5 YRS OLD
照顧嬰孩 Take care of Baby 照顧小孩 Take care of Children 照顧老人 Take care of Elderly
照顧傷殘 Take care of Disable 照顧狗隻 Take care of dog 能吃豬肉 Can eat pork
烹飪 Cooking     清潔 Cleaning 洗熨 Washing & Iron     花園 Gardening     抺車 Washing the Car
1. Baby Care (0-12 months) 照顧嬰兒
2. Changing the diaper 換尿片
3. Feeding the baby 餵嬰兒
4. Bath the baby 給嬰兒洗澡
5. Child Care (over 3 years) 照顧小童(3歲以上)
6. Playing with the children 和小童一起玩
7. Tutoring the children 教導小童
8. Special care for abnormal / retard special children 照顧傷健 / 特殊兒童
9. Elderly Care 照顧老人
10. Elderly Care (Disabled) 照顧傷健老人
11. Washing the clothes by hand 用手洗衣服
12. Cooking Chinese food 烹飪中國菜
13. Marketing 街市買菜
14. Caring the pets 照顧寵物
15. Gardening 園藝
1. Are you sure that the questions you answered are true and correct? We would like to remind you that if you provide false information, you may violate Hong Kong laws. 你是否肯定你所作答的題目都是真實無訛?在此提醒,如果提供虛假資料、將有可能會觸及香港法例。
2. do you have any kind food you will not eat? if yes, what is it? 你有沒有什麼食物是你不吃的? 如有,是什麼?
3. Do you smoke? 你抽煙嗎?
4. Do you drink alcohol? 你喝酒嗎 ?
5. Do you accept your day off is NOT on Saturday or Sunday? 你是否接受你的休息日不在星期六/日?
6. Are you willing to follow the code of discipline drawn up by your agency?
7. Are you afraid of dog or any pets? 你害怕狗或者其他寵物嗎?
8. Are you willing to accept that the flexible arrangement of schedule of work?
9. Helper must take shower before go to sleep in Hong Kong. Are you accept? 在香港,女傭睡覺前必須洗澡。你接受嗎?
10. Are you willing to wash the clothes by hand? 你願意用手洗衣服嗎?
11. Are you willing to sleep late because of abundance of work? 你是否願意因工作繁忙而晚睡?
12. Are you willing to eat noodles or bread if no rice at times? 你願意吃麵條/麵包,如當時沒有米飯嗎?
13. Do you have any allergy, if yes, what is it? 你是否患有過敏症?如果是,那是什麼?
14. Are you willing wake up according to employer request? 你願意按照僱主的要求起床嗎?
15. Are you willing to work in a family of more than 5 people? 你願意在5人以上的家庭工作嗎?
16. Are you willing to bathe or change the diaper of the elderly? 你願意為老人洗澡或換的尿片嗎?
17. Do you accept that you can not use cellphone during the working hours? 在工作時間你不能使用手機,你接受嗎?
18. Are you willing to cut your hair short? 你是否願意剪短頭髮?
19. Are you willing to be “Honest” at all times? 你是否願意所有時間均保持“誠實”?
20. Are you willing to work w/out make up and avoid wearing sexy clothes at work?
21. Have you undergone any operation over last 12 months 過去12個月內你有沒有做過任何手術?
22. Do you have any physical defect? 你有身體上的缺陷嗎?
23. Do you have a mental illness record? 你有沒有精神病紀錄?
24. Do you suffer any skin diseases ? if yes, what is it? 你是否患有過任何皮膚病?如果是,那是什麼?
25. Do you have myopia/presbyopia? If yes, how many degree of your myopia/presbyopia? 你有近視或老花嗎?如有,你的近視或老花度數是多少?
26. Do you have any tattoos? Please answer truthfully, as some employers may be concerned.: Right Hips and Right Legs 你有紋身嗎? 請如實作答、因為有些僱住介意的。: Right Hips and Right Legs
Dear Employer, I AM A FAST LEARNER. 

I declare that all the written and given information are true and correct. I accept that I will be repatriate back to country of original at may own expenses. If I have ever given and untruthful information unlawfully.
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